Goldchess Revolution

The Goldchess project is slowly apporoaching its biggest moment. To mark the birthday of Garry Kasparov, its Millionaire Open is scheduled to be played in April for the biggest prize fund in chess history (plus a Mercedes! See it here). Please consult the link for more information.

In the meantime the Goldchess team is publishing posts, articles and, of course, new everyday problems that you can solve for a quick cash. One of their latest posts used my own Level of Precision as a starting point to discuss the revolutionary approach the Goldchess idea promotes – how to still play chess and not depend on engines.

The idea is basically simple, it is as if you play against a weaker opponent and against him (or her) you can allow yourself moves that may not necessarily be objectively the best, but are undoubtedly beautiful and, if you are lucky, may win you the game in the fewest number of moves.

It is chess for fun and chess without pressure. And also chess for money. So perhaps not a bad combination.

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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