Goldchess Millionaire Starts

The ground-breaking project Goldchess Millionaire started the inscription process for the event that will take place next year in April.

If you follow the link on the banner on the right you will see that there is an enormous amount of money (and a car!) involved. That much money has never been pumped in to chess, except for World Championship matches. Only this time the money will go to the people who play and win, not the elite. It’s obvious that Goldchess is trying to create history here.

The game is simple, but not easy. You are required to beat a weak engine in a previously determined way (like “deliver a mate with promoting a pawn to a knight”). The games are crazy and wild, the evaluations jump up and down, but they are supposed to be fun, not precise. The system is working, as there are already many people playing and winning prizes at Goldchess, you can also see some GMs and IMs here. Even without the Millionaire the prizes can be quite substantial, for example take a look at the winners.

Since the prize fund of the Millionaire is dependent to a certain extent on the number of participants, I think it is fair to give the idea a chance. It may as well change the lives of the winners for the better.

So take a look, explore the site, and if you feel like it, sign up for a chance to win big.

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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