Goldchess Genius Test

The Genius Test is one of the many possible tournaments you can play on It starts on the 1st day of the month and you can submit your solutions for the duration of the whole month.

The following position turned out the be more difficult than what it may look like at first sight. The required solution was to win on move 53 with two queens on the board.



With so many misses, it is both easy and difficult to win. Easy, because titles and rating don’t matter and literally everybody can win; difficult, because you may not get it right immediately and it may require some time and effort. But the satisfaction from the win is great, especially if you have managed to be better than a lot of players from around the world!

I am quite curious how the planned Millionaire Tournament will work out. I think it deserves our support – after all, many have promised millions in chess, but for now only Goldchess seems on the path of actually fulfilling its promise.


Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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