100 Endgames You Must Know – Chessable Edition

I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Chessable started a cooperation with New in Chess and the first product of this cooperation was a book that I recommend to all my students.

GM Jesus de la Villa wrote a masterpiece with his 100 Endgames You Must Know. The book consists of the most basic core of endgame knowledge any player, from beginner to GM, must know. When an opening finishes the middlegame begins; when the middlegame finishes the endgame begins; when the endgame finishes, the game ends. One can hope to rectify the mistakes of the opening and the middlegame, but the mistakes of the endgame are usually the last ones. Simply put, the endgames must be played well.

“But they are boring, aren’t they?” I have always wondered why people thought like this. To my mind, these people have failed to grasp the beauty of the harmony that the few pieces left are capable of creating.

The 100 endgames are a must, as the title says. They are the basis upon which a player will build all his subsequent knowledge. And in order for that subdequent knowledge to be useful, the basis must be solid.

The combination of Chessable’s learning method and the 100 Endgames is a match made in heaven. You need to remember those endgames, learn them almost by heart. De la Villa wants you to learn the principles so he spends quite a few words in explaining them. Based on these principles you should find it easier to produce the moves and eventually remember them. Add to this concept Chessable’s powerful learning method and you have a winner – thorough textual explanations and a scientific method to memorise the moves effectively.

I have also used the 100 Endgames for my own improvement. It is a handy book for a quick overview of the basics once you know them. I would say that this blend of endgame knowledge presented in an easy-to-learn way is a must for players who want quickly to improve not only their endgame skills, but also their overall playing ability. Go ahead and study the book – you won’t regret it and you will see the results from this work fast. What more can one ask?

100 Endgames You Must Know by Jesus de la Villa

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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