Baku Olympiad 2016 – Round 6

Not a great day today for us. I played more than 5 and a half hours and 85 moves, the only good point was that I won. So I am very tired and this will be short.

Tajikistan beat us soundly and without many problems. Nedev with white blundered in an equal position and lost to GM Amonatov and this only put pressure on us. It was the first game to finish. On board 4 our youngster was lost before move 20 against an opponent rated more than 100 points below him. Pancevski tried his best to win with black but it was enough only for a draw. I stayed last and with the match already lost I could only score a consolation win.

Tomorrow we are paired against Mozambique, hopefully we win.

On the top boards USA beat Ukraine thanks to Caruana’s win over Eljanov on board 1. Russia got back to its winning ways by beating Germany. Note Kramnik’s 1 e4 against Meier, expecting the French (which duly followed) and his nice combination:

Every round is full of derby matches on the top boards so I am sure the spectators are enjoying it immensely. I know I am, but only when going through the games after the round, there is no time to walk around when I play myself. It’s impossible to be a player and spectator at the same time!

Time to rest now. 

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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