Baku Impressions

Most of the photos below are taken at night as that was the only time I had a chance to walk around Baku. During the day I’d prepare and play so after the game, when it would already be night, I would take a walk to relax and look around. You can click on the image to enlarge.

One of the streets in the centre

Imposing buildings

The old city by night:

The flame towers:

I found two peculiarities in Baku. One is that you cannot buy postcards. Today I was told that the only place that sells them is the main post office, but when I got there they told me they ran out of them. Go figure.

The second peculiarity is that it’s difficult to cross the streets, or, rather, boulevards, which are very wide with constant stream of cars. They have underground passages, that usually look like this,

but they are scarce and, for example, if I want to cross the street in front of my hotel and go to the mall which is right across, I have to walk 300-400m left or right to go to the nearest underground passage and then the same 300-400m back to the mall. Good for physical excercise though.

Last night was the Bermuda Party. I am no expert in Bermuda parties, this being only my third one (and I don’t remember the first one in Dresden in 2008) but I had good time and it was better than Tromso. Here’re a few photos to give you an idea of the atmosphere (that’s Hou Yifan on the left in the second photo):

And three photos from this morning, showing the vast spaces and the constant construction work going on.

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