French Teams 2015 – Top 12 – More Misery

As I wrote yesterday, today’s match was always going to be tough, and so it was. We lost thoroughy, 4-1 (draws, which were 3 in our match, are not counted in France).

I played on board 3 against GM Edouard and it was one of those games where it appears that black didn’t put up a fight. In fact, I spoiled my very interesting opening idea (and good position) with one move, and this mistake turned out to be the only one in the game! This is a rare case in chess, unless a losing blunder, this kind of mistakes should be reparable, but not in my game today. I am sure Kramnik would have said he was unlucky, so I can say it too!

I had a comment from a reader who expressed his contempt for the stronger players who offer draws in lost positions. Well, it is legal, and it was considered something the Soviets did (I remember a couple of those offers), but today Elo is king and it is a common practice. Here’s another example from today, white is GM Fressinet (2712) and black is IM Brochet (2382):

18…Kf8 and black is winning, but white has 330 points more!

Tomorrow we have another tough match, against Bois-Colombes, who have GMs Bauer, Duda, Ipatov, Miton, Cornette and Maze.

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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