Reykjavik Open 2015 – Rounds 2&3

I scored 1.5/2 on the double-round day, which is always a good result. My morning game was of decent quality, which cannot be said about my afternoon game, but that’s how double-round days go for me. Having been brought up in the 80s and 90s when one game a day was the only possible way (I even played tournaments with adjournments), I do resent these excruciating tortures of something like 10 hours of chess that only show disrespect towards our noble game.

Round 2 saw me white against Quillien (2202) and he opted for a Benoni. One of the worst move you can make in a Benoni is an automatic …a6, and that’s what he did. But I had to be very precise and forceful to refute his plan.

In Round 3 I was black against FM Gulamali (2350) and in the slow maneuvering play I felt outplayed at one moment. In fact, the surprising move that shifted the trend in his favour was a move that gave me a chance for an advantage! This shows how important it is to surprise your opponent and, from the other side of the board, to keep calm and composure when surprised.

Today the round starts at the normal time of 5pm (from tomorrow and until the penultimate it will be 3pm) and I’m playing white against IM Poley.

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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