Arrival In Reykjavik

It isn’t easy to get that up north. For me it meant flying to London first and then continuing the next day to Reykjavik. The flights were smooth and relaxed and when I landed today at Keflavik airport I was surprised to see everything covered in snow. Now I am surprised I was surprised, knowing where I was going, but coming from continental Europe where spring is slowly approaching and all-white scenery belongs to the memories of January, it is perhaps undestandable.

I checked in in the Arnarholl Hotel across the Harpa (where we will play) and then took a walk, just to refresh my memory of the city. My body also refreshed its memory of the temperatures here, which promptly forced me to go back to the hotel. But one thing caught my attention on my way back. What does a film festival have to do with the strongest engine?

Round 1 is tomorrow so it’s time for some serious stuff – preparation, playing, food and rest. Rinse and repeat in the next 10 days.

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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