Tromso, Finally!

After exactly 27 hours and 36 minutes after I left my home in Skopje, I entered my hotel room in the Saga Quality Hotel in Tromso. Soon afterwards I collapsed and slept for several hours, missing lunch in the process.

Still very tired, but hungry, I woke up and went to dinner, which started at 4.30pm. After “dinner” I took a walk around Tromso and here are a few impressions. I missed the opening ceremony at 7.30pm – it was held at the other end of the island and looking for the organised transport was too much of a bother in this wasted state of mind.

This is outside the hotel. My room is just above the entrance and the view is the same.

A street, but the skyline is really impressive

The Arctic Cathedral across the bay with patches of sunny parts on the mountains

Uploading takes ages, so I’ll leave you with these for now. Besides, it’s bedtime again.

And tomorrow the games start.

Alex Colovic
A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since 2013.
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